Monday, June 13, 2011


Even the parking was a nice place to stroll during the Spa Summer Classic 2011

Sony A550


Mario said...

Uw autofoto's zijn heel mooi, het ligt u duidelijk. Die nummerplaat zal wel iets betekenen zeker, dat vraag ik mij al de hele tijd af, ".......... For oil"

RinoSnaps said...

Ik verdrink in photoshop momenteel :)
Dat heb je als je 3 dagen langs een circuit loopt. Maar klagen doe ik niet :)

Steve said...

Hi, the car is mine, I was at Spa for the Summer Classic with a bunch of friends, all in Classic Cars. I built the car 3 years ago as a 911RS Lightweight Replica. It is a 3 litre 220bhp motor with lots of good fast road mods. My aim was to get it as authentic as possible.
Sadly now for sale as I have an Alfa GTA project. The numberplate doesn't actually mean anything, I was lucky to be able to buy it very cheaply, and it gives the correct '73 look.

RinoSnaps said...

Hi Steve.
First off, excellent looking Porsche. I myself like the 70's Porches.
But i'm a big italofreak. So curious about your GTA project.
Best of luck with it!