Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1000km de Spa. On track (1)

Spa-Francorchamps. For many, the best track in the world. Who am I to disagree :)
As a photographer, there's a lot of distance between your lens and the cars. However... kudos to Spa.
On some places they provided " lensholes" in the fences. At least you can get clear shots!
First 9 out of 19 images...

Sony A550


Cedric Cornelis said...

Amai, tijdje niet gekeken hier.
Knappe foto's van de 1000 km echt chapoo :-) Die Ferrari GT2 is zoooo mooi :O Ik zou der een paar proberen verkopen ofzo ;-)

RinoSnaps said...

Je zou er wat? Een paar willen kopen?
Geen probleem :)
Bwa...dit is en win win situatie. Fotografie combineren met autosport. What's not to like.